"I have deep respect for surviving,
but I am passionate about living"


My name is Gino and I am the founder of 51BLUE Neurotraining. 

With almost 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and trainer, my career has taken me from Vienna to London, and now to Jerusalem. 

My personal journey took a transformative turn 15 years ago when professional burnout and health issues led me to the development of a transformative self-development program. This program, rooted in impactful Neuroscience-based Practices, develops emotional intelligence (EI) through restful and attentive stillness of mind and body. The result is a balanced nervous system with enhanced wellbeing and vitality.

Since then, many people have sought my help, motivated by a burning need to alleviate their suffering and a deep longing for a life of calmness, happiness, and joy. Therapists, too, have sought my guidance, eager to facilitate their clients’ journeys to wellbeing and vitality. They were looking for a clear and practical framework that leads to fundamental transformation through enhanced EI, helping their clients to reach beyond coping strategies, social adaptability, and symptom reduction.

After many years of guiding myself, my clients, and fellow therapists, I have come to believe that real transformation —shifting from merely surviving to truly living — can only be achieved through a dedicated emotional self-development process that merges cognitive and experiential neurological deep-learning. As therapists, our mission is to empower clients with a clear roadmap, step-by-step practices, and attentive feedback, facilitating their journey of self-discovery, self-reliance, and growth.

The key to wellbeing and the joy of expressive living resides within the still and restful minds of our clients. This personalized wisdom can only be accessed through the dedicated emotional practice of suspending movement and embracing restful, attentive stillness. Neurologically, an emotionally intelligent and well-lived life is anchored in, and defined by, Parasympathetic Rest and Governance.

At the heart of the 51BLUE is a deep and experiential learning process enabled by the Practice of Stillness and Parasympathetic Rest. In these practices, modern health advancements in neuroscience, somatics, and bio-psychology merge with ancient wisdom-based meditative practices. Meditative wisdom of the east integrates with the psychological science of the west to form the 51BLUE Emotional Meditative Practices for Optimal Living. To establish deep wellbeing and cultivate authentic vitality, Western psychological processes require Eastern meditative practices, and vice versa.

The name 51BLUE signifies the levels of NeuroCalmness required to activate the Blue Emotional State of Stillness, the foundation of wellbeing. This state is reached when NeuroCalmness and Parasympathetic Rest exceeds both NeuroUneasiness and NeuroExcitement requiring a balance of at least 51% Blue Energy versus 49% Red Energy and 49% Orange Energy, hence 51BLUE.

Humans possess powerful brains designed to ensure survival and expand living.

However, the untrained and disembodied mind often mistakenly activates our surviving selves, leading to constant tension and stress, destructive behavior patterns, and never-ending struggles with life’s challenges. Even when intelligent and industrious, the prolonged surviving mode eventually leads us to illbeing, exhaustion, and despair.

Only the trained, matured, and embodied mind can fully establish our living selves, which, despite the challenges and temptations of life, has the ability to calmly, compassionately, patiently, persistently, and wisely guides us toward wellbeing and vitality, the foundation of lasting happiness and joy.

It is living, not surviving, that fosters our innate ability to cultivate emotionally intelligent societies, build loving homes, and nurture our humanity to reach its full potential.

51BLUE NeuroEI training is a transformative journey from disembodied surviving fueled by intense movement to embodied living rooted in guiding restfulness and expressed through the soft and balanced movement of vitality. 

On this journey the stressful, compulsive, and draining life of intensity is replaced by a restful, spontaneous, creative, and loving life of stillness and flow.

In times of technological advances, destructive powers, and evolving artificial intelligence (AI), combined with social, economic, and environmental uncertainties and discontent, we must cultivate our emotional intelligence (EI) and innate wisdom. It’s what makes us uniquely human– our emotional intelligence and innate wisdom. These qualities guide our private lives and the human race towards lasting wellbeing and the joy of living.

Humanity has discovered, as never before, its incredible and ingenious potential to survive. We are now ready to embark on a new journey: discover our potential to live and to develop living to its fullest.

Are you ready to outgrow your surviving mode, and start living? 

Has the time come to train your emotional mind for stillness and rewire your brain for happiness?

The 51BLUE journey follows a road less travelled.
It’s not an instant painkiller.
Nor a key to unlimited pleasure.
It’s not a quick-fix to problems.
And it’s not a shortcut to enlightenment.
However, it’s a proven path to stillness and flow.
A direct route to enduring wellbeing and vitality.
And for those who persevere, it becomes a gateway to lasting happiness and joy.

To embark on the 51BLUE journey,
Establish and island of stillness,
in an ocean of movement.

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