Living starts with 51% Blue calm rest energy

“I have deep respect for surviving, but I am passionate about LIVING.”

Welcome to 51BLUE.

The 51BLUE framework has been developed by Gino Gross (MSc, MA).

Gino is a psychotherapist, educator, and trainer for 25 years. Originally from Vienna, he practiced in London for over a decade, and currently works and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and three children.

At the peak of his career over 10 years ago, Gino experienced occupational burnout and health concerns. The consequent personal journey of self-rebuilding developed into a comprehensive and down-to-earth training program to assess and optimize emotional responses.

51BLUE is a transformative journey from stress to happiness, from surviving to living, and from emotional intensity to stillness and flow.

This deep-learning process focuses on clarity and skill.

Clarity is offered through a new neurological language of three emotional energies and five states.

Skills are developed through a comprehensive step-by-step training program.

The 51BLUE Professional Training offers introductory webinars, followed by certification and accreditation. Webinars and courses are for well-being professionals seeking to enhance and diversify their services with the art and science of emotional optimization.

The 51BLUE App developed for well-being professionals attending the introductory webinars offers tools, resources, and workouts to practice emotional optimization. The App offers an interactive screen to explore the neurological language of emotional responses (ASSESS). It also includes audio workouts with reading material to optimize emotional responses (OPTIMIZE).

The 51BLUE Blog presents ideas, insights, and ongoing developments on the science for living from the 51BLUE founder Gino Gross.

51BLUE is not a quick-fix solution. It is a journey, a subtle yet profound and transformative deep-learning process. With gentle insistence and consistent practice we gradually rewire our minds and outgrow the gripping power of the emotional survival mode. With dedication and patience we optimize our emotional responses and establish a living mode that is independent of our life circumstances.

Humanity has discovered, as never before, its incredible and ingenious potential to survive. We are now ready to embark on a new journey: optimizing our potential to live and to develop living to its fullest.

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