Uneasiness + Calmness = 100%

April 1, 2020 | Tags:

To distinguish between our surviving and living mode, ‘sensing’ is more reliable than ‘thinking’. We may think we are truly living, but emotional sensations in the body can reveal the opposite.

When thinking detaches from sensing, we often end up misguided and confused. Clarity comes when our thinking aligns with sensing.

Now, before you continue reading consider if you are ready to ask the surviving or living question. This is not reverse psychology. It is a genuine invitation to pause for a moment and consider whether you are ready to let this life-transforming question reverberate within you.

Knowledge impacts, and is not easily undone.

You might discover that you have spent most of your life in survival mode, unaware of an alternative. You might realize, as I did, that while I was a high achiever I never really understood or searched for true living. On the other hand, by creating space for this question, you are taking your first step on the journey from surviving to living.

For me, fully engaged with the question, I can have deep respect for surviving, but I remain passionate about living.

If you’re ready to start assessing your mode of being, pause for a moment, connect with your breath and body, and consider the following: In this present moment, do you sense more uneasiness than calmness or more calmness than uneasiness?

Surviving Mode:

In surviving mode, your uneasiness is greater than your calmness. You feel unsettled, restless, and on edge. You can sense subtle, underlying, or intense, gripping stress. You are also likely to sense uneasy emotional sensations in your stomach, solar plexus and chest area, or aches and tensions in other parts of your body such as the throat, face, shoulders and back.

Living Mode:

In living mode, your calmness is greater than your uneasiness. You feel inner peace and tranquility. While you might still experience subtle sensations of uneasiness in the stomach area, you still feel content, calm and grounded.

Uneasiness and calmness are two of our three basic emotional energies. The third emotional energy is excitement, which I will write about in future posts. For simplification, I color coded these three emotional energies as Red uneasiness, Blue calmness, and Orange excitement.

After years of research, I discovered that our three emotional energies follow natural rules in the way they relate to each other. For example, our Red and Blue emotional energies are opposites–experienced in inverse proportions, combining to 100%. In short, the higher your Red uneasiness, the lower your Blue calmness, and vice versa.

At 51BLUE we believe that our living mode is active when we have a minimum of 51% Blue calmness, and our Red uneasiness remains at 49% or lower.

This is when our Blue calmness is greater than our Red uneasiness.

Living starts with 51% Blue energy.