Introduction to the Blue State of Stillness

Conclusion (text only)


You’ve completed the Introduction to the Blue State of Stillness.

Throughout this program you’ve acquired the basic skills to practice stillness, activate Parasympathetic Rest, and gradually increase your NeuroCalmness / Blue Energy. By doing so, you are cultivating the restful and attentive Blue State of Stillness and building the foundation of living with wellbeing and vitality.

While the process may seem straightforward, learning to pause movement, remain still, and invite your body and mind to rest requires a great deal of skill, practice, and dedication.

Initially, you may find that your Parasympathetic Rest is overshadowed by chronic Sympathetic Mobilization. This dominance, characterized by high levels of NeuroUneasiness and/or NeuroExcitement, and low levels of NeuroCalmness, is experienced as persistent restlessness, overexcitation, stress, and tension.

A high level of NeuroUneasiness, coupled with a natural tendency to avoid pain and discomfort, may lead to resistance to practicing stillness. Similarly, high levels of NeuroExcitement and the instinctive urge to pursue pleasures can delay the practice of stillness. Remaining still and resting can be challenging, as it often involves foregoing immediate pleasures and enduring discomfort without avoiding it.

When gripped by chronic Sympathetic Mobilization, with its high levels of NeuroUneasiness and NeuroExcitement, it is natural to doubt your ability to pause movement, generate NeuroCalmness, and establish restful Stillness.

However, I encourage you to persist on this less-traveled road. You will discover a proven and deeply rewarding journey. It’s a path that not only leads to stillness, inner peace, and wellbeing but also opens the way to vitality, flowing movement, and joy.

As you continue your training, develop your skills and learn to trust them. Gently and patiently embrace transformation without forcing change, persisting through the inevitable ups and downs that accompany any deep learning and self-development journey.

As you practice stillness and deepen its restfulness, consider even the slightest increases in NeuroCalmness and the accompanying bio-signals of comfort as milestone of progress. Remember, the 51BLUE Journey is subtle, gradual, and accumulative, which is also why it is profound and transformative.

In closing, I hope this introduction to BLUE Stillness has been a valuable, empowering, and enlightening experience for you. My hope is that it has brought you a step closer to the comfort, calmness, and wellbeing of stillness and has kindled a desire for further learning and growth.

I look forward to seeing you again in other 51BLUE Neurotraining courses.

My best wishes,


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