Introduction to the Blue State of Stillness

Module 1: Initiating stillness

Practice 9: Observe your pulse and breath

Option 1: Shorter Silences

Option 2: Longer Silences

Option 3: Longer Silences Open Ended

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In this practice, you integrate following your pulse and breath, but without the element of counting. It emphasizes the transition from following the pulse to following your breath, which can be helpful in the process of slowing down and practicing stillness.

Following pulse and breath

Sensing your pulse for a short while, before you follow your breath can be beneficial, especially if you’re experiencing dominant Sympathetic Mobilization with its high levels of NeuroUneasiness, tension, and stress.

Following your pulse can be a helpful first step before focusing on your breath. Finding and tracking your pulse helps center your attention, facilitates the suspension of movement, and aids in calming a busy mind. Once you have initiated the practice of stillness by finding and counting your pulse, shifting your focus to your breath and letting your arms and hands rest can be more advantageous for deepening your restfulness.


  • Can I combine the counting of pulse and breath to facilitate the practice of stillness?
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