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Discover the
Power of Stillness

Mini Courses

Enhance your life with stand-alone mini neurotraining courses

Train yourself in core skills to cultivate stillness, wellbeing, and vitality:

  • Restful breathing
  • Softened muscles
  • Strengthened embodiment.

Develop the ability and clarity to enhance specific areas of your life:

  • Relationships and communication
  • Self-expression, flow, and creativity
  • Healing from illness
  • Healthy eating and fitness habits
  • Marriage and partnerships
  • Fertility, pregnancy, and child birth
  • Parenting and education
  • Leadership and presence
  • Sports and performance

Comprehensive Courses

Transform your life with extensive step-by-step neurotraining courses

Master the six fundamentals of stillness to establish true living beyond mere survival:

  • Transform intensity and stress into stillness and flow
  • Understand and regulate your emotions and feelings
  • Upgrade your mind’s emotional intelligence and independence
  • Awaken vitality and release your innate drive to grow, create, love, and connect
  • Establish lasting well-being, inner peace, vitality, and joy

Master the art of wise decision making:

  • Integrate wellbeing, risk, and joy-based decision making
  • Reveal and shape subconscious motivations
  • Understand emotional body signals like gut feelings
  • Align thinking, feeling, and acting
  • Activate intuition and wisdom, your highest form of rationality
  • If you are committed to your self-development through meditation, mindfulness, or similar practices, 51BLUE Neurotraining courses are perfect for you.

  • If you’re a therapist already working with methods like mindfulness, meditation, and somatic experiencing, you’ll find these courses enriching and empowering for your clients.

  • Whether you’re experienced in meditative practices or just starting your journey, 51BLUE offers valuable tools to enhance your wellbeing and vitality.

Access all 51BLUE Neurotraining courses with a single monthly membership including:

1. Guided audio Neuro-practices
2. Extensive reading materials
3. Detailed progress checklists

1. Guided audio Neuro-practices

2. Extensive reading materials

3. Detailed progress checklists

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