Two opposite modes of being

April 1, 2020 | Tags:

Surviving and living are two opposite modes of being.

They are also two completely different ways of perceiving and acting. Think of them as parallel realities present at any given moment in time and circumstance.

Depending on your mode—surviving or living—you will perceive and respond in two opposite ways. This is also why some people respond in opposite ways to the same trigger, situation, and stimuli. One person intensively attempts to escape pain and ‘fix it’, while another embraces it with inner stillness and outgrows it. One person obsessively gratifies their need for pleasure, while another can delay immediate gratifications of pleasure, let go, and instead pursue a path of long-term flow and joy.

The difference between our two modes of being boils down to approaching the pains and pleasures of life, its challenges and opportunities, in opposite ways. The surviving approach speeds us up before it slows us down; the living approach slows us down before it speeds us up.

Both the survival and living mode are part of our DNA, the biological and neurological legacy of our species. The survival mode is naturally activate from birth; however, the living mode requires learning and education to develop.

The trained mind maintains a living mode in most circumstances. It only reverts back to the survival mode on rare occasions when speed and power is preferable to wisdom and creativity.

I discovered my living mode in my 40’s. Until then, while considering myself as high functioning, I was primarily in survival mode. When my survival mode reached its expiry date, I experienced burnout and health concerns. Now, over 10 years later, after research and trials, systematic training and dedicated practice, the gateway between my surviving and living mode has finally opened. While the journey from surviving to living is always a work in progress, I regained health, and can regularly access the LIVING reality.

The key to open this gateway is emotional optimization, which focuses on the ability to mentally and physically slow down before we speed up.

I am grateful and excited to offer others the 51BLUE transformative path from surviving to truly living, from self-preservation to self-expression, from a reactive life of INTENSITY to a life of contemplative STILLNESS and harmonious FLOW.