Access the resources, tools, and workouts for emotional optimization

your emotional responses with clarity and skill.

The 51BLUE APP has been developed for well-being professionals familiar with the 51BLUE framework.

It supports professionals and their clients on the journey from surviving to living.

Our App offers an interactive screen to assess emotional responses and audio workouts to optimize them.

To fully benefit from its tools, resources, and workouts, we recommend attending the 51BLUE introductory webinars.

The current FREE content offers a basic introduction to the 51BLUE journey.

Premium content becomes available in 2022, and will be accessible through a monthly membership.


Gain emotional clarity with our interactive assess screen.

Learn an intuitive, color-coded neurological language of three emotional energies and five emotional states.

Explore your felt feelings with assess diagrams that offer a map to emotional sensations.

Develop emotional accuracy with assess cards that explore emotional energies and states.


Optimize your emotional mind with our audio workouts.

Benefit from a comprehensive, step-by-step, and transformative training program.

Explore the seven questions of your nervous system and develop the corresponding seven layers of a strong emotional core.

Upgrade your emotional responses with skill-based workouts that are simple yet sophisticated, subtle yet profoundly impactful.


Basic tools, resources, and workouts for well-being professionals attending the 51BLUE Introductory Webinars

– Limited Access –


All 51BLUE tools, resources, and workouts supporting well-being professionals and their clients on the journey from surviving to living.

– Full Access (Available 2021) –


per month / user
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